Our Voices

‘Our voices’ is a creative, collaborative project that explores what it means to be an Arab womxn and non-binary in Britain today, our sense of belonging, identities, and vulnerabilities. Arab voices in the UK are invisible, especially among Arab womxn. Yet when it’s represented, it’s either politicised or dehumanised, with 81% of Brits knowing little or nothing about the Arab world.

‘Our voices’ offers an open perspective into our lives and identities as Arab through our textile portraits; it provides a welcome into seeing us as individuals rather than a joint hoarded. For this event, I’m proud to present a collective visual exhibition that showcases the work of 5 ArabWomxn and non-binary. 

This project is part of the Artivism festival and is kindly supported by theatre Deli; through this, over the one-day workshop, together we explored our struggle as Arab womxn in the UK, community and the role of creativity in creating a change.

During this project, each of our participants developed and created their own textile portraits based on their own intersectional identities, who they are and what they would like to share with the world. Together through activities and conversations, we have aspired to visually represent it at the festival and therefore are close to our hearts.

I would like to give special thanks to the following for their contributions to the development of this project: Theatre Deli, Tahmina Begum, ZulaRabikowska, and all the people and Womxn who supported this project and made it happen.